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The Summer Fruits

Now it`s the season to enjoy all those fresh fruits and this may be a jumps start for every diet since fruits are packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and anti-aging agents. Here are the ground rules for introducing fruits to a healthy life: serve them in the morning do not mix them with anything else, […]

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The Real Diet Plan

It has always been a huge struggle between man or woman and diet: what diet to choose, when to start it, what is the best diet that fits me, what and when should I eat, detox first? The quintessential diet is the one that fits all of us and should be followed at all times. […]

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8 Best Exercises for Waist Slimming

According to Health.com a bundle of 8 exercises shall offer a complete body workout, meaning 400 muscles will be completely exercised in 7 minutes. This is taught by  Tracy Anderson who is focused in getting celebs in shape in no time. Here is the video training that shall walk you trough the entire workout meant […]

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The First Step In Changing Your Lifestyle

  An important factor influencing our weight is the psychological state. Experts say it is very important to leave stress behind; it is up to you to choose meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong etc… in fact meditation allows controlling emotions using breathing techniques. A balanced diet starts with moderation, exercise and meditation. Meditation is particularly effective […]

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The Diet Focus

  The focus of each diet is simple: no sweets, no soda, no bread, no fat, no snacks between meals and no second course; only one dish per meal. The diet result themselves are addictive, neverthelss one day per week one may feast on cakes, pizza, snacks; you name it. However the key word is […]

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Detox, Detox, Detox

  Although the detox topic is becoming more and more popular, we should really think twice about this matter with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. The truth detox process is based on two separate stages. 1. The first stage involves eliminating the toxins sources: refined sugar, genetically modified organisms (especially wheat, corn and soybeans), grains […]

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The Cucumber Diet

The cucumber diet is one of the most popular and healthy diets since cucumber has plenty of vitamins, minerals and a high water content in its composition. This green veggie is one of the healthiest and experts recommend it for both diets and detox. Thanks to its high water content and low number of calories, […]

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The Victoria’s Secret Angel Diet Plan

  Adriana Lima, one of the top models from Victoria’s Secret, is very honest to the mass media so she admitted that before a major fashion event she always diets in order to lose 4-5 lbs very rapidly: Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 150 ml yogurt with muesli and honey, 200 ml milk. Snack: two t-spoons honey. […]

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Lose 2 lbs a Day With Oil

The mysterious weight loss diet is based on a very simple principle: one hour before each meal, you have to take a couple teaspoons of oil  (recommended is the olive oil, however it may be sunflower, pumpkin seed, grape seed or rice oil). Hippocrates, the father of medicine and the first dietary author in history […]

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A glimpse into the human digestion with baking soda and vinegar

What happens when we combine carbs and proteins: carbs require an alkaline environment for digestion (i.e. baking soda) while proteins requires an acidic one (i.e. vinegar). Combining these two results in total annihilation plus lots of CO2 and toxic residue thus forcing our body to poison itself. Every hamburger, pasta, pizza, milk and cereals, sandwich,  […]

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